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Purple - Blue Gradient

Rules and Regulations



SOLO 2-5 minutes - 1 dancer

DUET/TRIO 2-5 minutes - 2 to 3 dancers

GROUP 3-5 minutes - 4 to 9 dancers  

LARGE GROUP 3-5 minutes - 10+ dancers



A – Ballet/Lyrical
B – Acro/Contemporary/Modern
C – Jazz/Tap
D – Hip Hop/Reggae/Step
E – Cultural [all world dances]
F – Mime/Pantomime/Sign
G – Messianic/Pageantry/Praise Dance

age division

Wee Tots - 3 to 6 YRS
Mini Juniors - 7 to 9 YRS
Juniors - 10 to 12 YRS
Teens - 13 to 15 YRS
Youth - 16 to 19 YRS
Young Adults - 20 to 34 YRS
Adults - 35+
Mature Adults - 50+


Some categories may be omitted, added and/or combined based on entries.


Ie. A&B; C&D; F&G may be combined.


Also Ages 7-12 yrs; 13-19 yrs; 20+ may be combined depending on entrant levels.


  1. An Application Form must be filled out in its entirety and received no later than 4 weeks prior to competition date. [Forms will be sent to teams via email]

  2. All team leaders must provide an email address. 

  3. Items selected are on a first come basis.

  4. Competitors may be required to show ID on the day of the festival should the age of a dancer be in question.  Please bring ID to the festival.  If questions arise and the team has no proof, the team may be disqualified.


  1. All teams will receive a tentative competition schedule approximately 2 weeks to the date of the festival.  If there are any discrepancies and/or you have dancers that may be affected based on the time between dance items, it is imperative that you let us know.

  2. A final schedule of the day’s events will be emailed to teams 1 week prior to the festival.


  1. All competitors must be a believer in the virgin birth of Jesus, Jesus’ death and the resurrection power of Christ.

  2. Dancers must be in regular attendance at their home church and/or with their local Christian dance studio/team.

  3. Dancers not affiliated with a church or dance team are not eligible for overall awards.

  4. All entries must be signed by a senior or youth pastor, praise dance leader, dance instructor and/or artistic director - whichever applies.

  5. In the event that a praise dance leader, dance instructor or an artistic director is dancing in a solo category, the entry form can be signed by themselves and/or their host pastor. 

  6. In the event that the dance studio/group is not Christian based, please be careful to abide by the guidelines as set out in DANCE ATTIRE/MUSIC SELECTION.  Additionally, permission to participate in the festival must be approved by the festival director.

  7. Dancers must participate with only one dance team

  8. Dancers must enter in their appropriate age category. 

  9. For group items, the average age will determine the age category of the team.

  10. Dancers need to be ready to go at the time of their item or they will be disqualified.

  11. One professional dance artist per six non-professional dancers is allowed to compete in group categories and be eligible for overall awards.

  12. Dance directors, instructors, professional dancers may participate as soloists but are not eligible for overall awards. This will, however, motivate the up and coming dance artists.


Directors, Youth or Dance Leaders: Contact us today for an official booklet with full fee schedule 

  1. Entries are based on first come basis.

  2. To be fully registered all fees must be received along with registration forms no later than 4 weeks prior to competition. 

  3. Fees will be accepted via email transfer, certified cheque, money order or cash. 

  4. There will be no refunds of fees.

  5. Entries received after the registration period will only be added if space is available. No entries will be added after 14 days prior to the festival date.

  6. There will be additional administrative fee charged for each change made after 21 days prior to the festival.  Such changes include [age category, group category, change in dancer(s) etc]

EXTENDED TIME: An additional cost is applied to all dances requiring an additional 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.  


  1. There will be a loss of 5 points per judge every 10 seconds the music goes over the allotted time except if Extended Time had been pre-arranged.


  1. All costumes/praise garments must be modest and in accordance with biblical principles.

  2. No belly-buttons must be shown; no bandannas to be worn period, no outfits with slandering/discriminating or political messages etc.

  3. Undergarments must be obscure.  

  4. Garments must not take away from the intended purpose of giving honour to God.

  5. Male dancers must not wear earrings. 


  1. Music must be tasteful and lyrics should be positive.

  2. All music must be labeled with the appropriate dance studio/team/church name and the number of the item [Item numbers will be sent out approximately 1 week prior to competition date].

  3. Music must be received during registration on competition date. Only 1 song per CD please.

  4. Please bring a back-up CD on the day of the competition just in case there are any unforeseen circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: The music and lights will be turned off in the event any dance; music or costuming is deemed inappropriate. The dance item will then be disqualified.

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