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photography, visual arts, poetry


  • All artists must register at least 45 days prior to competition.

  • Submissions in categories H through M must be submitted 2 weeks prior to competition. This does not apply to category O [Colouring].

  • Category O participants ages 3 to 12 years old will colour a picture on the day of competition and then submit within a 1 hour period.  Colouring page will be issued based on the age of the child artist. FREE TO ENTER

  • All special categories must use dance as the main subject.  Lewd behavior (absolute nudity, drunkenness, drug related scenes) is not to be depicted in any way, shape or form.

  • Categories H to J must have been captured 18 months or less prior to competition date.



  • ADULTS 20+ may be emerging professional artists (5 years or less working in the field)

  • Those who make 50% or more of their living in any artistic genre are not eligible to compete. 

Blurry Gradient


H – Dance Photo [Head-shot]
I – Dance Photo [Pose]
J – Dance Photo [Group Pose - 2+ dancers]
K – Art [Drawing]
L – Art [Painting]
M – Art [Photography/Graphics]
N – Poetry 
O – Colouring [Wee Tots & Mini Juniors]

age categories

Wee Tots - 3 to 6 YRS
Mini Juniors - 7 to 9 YRS
Juniors - 10 to 12 YRS
Teens - 13 to 15 YRS
Youth - 16 to 19 YRS
Young Adults - 20 to 34 YRS
Adults - 35+
Mature Adults - 50+

Candy Cotton


Artists in Categories K through M have the choice of size selections between 5”x7” and 24”x32”.  


All other photos must be 8" x 10"

K – Art [Drawing] pencil, ink, charcoal, crayon, etc
L – Art [Painting] arylic, watercolour, tempra, oil, etc

Let them praise His name in the dance...

Psalm 149:3


Outstanding Dance Photo (Head-Shot)
Outstanding Dance Photo (Solo Pose)
Outstanding Dance Photo (Group Pose)
Outstanding Photography/Graphics (Dance Subject)
Outstanding Poetry
Outstanding Art (Drawing)
Outstanding Art (Painting)
Outstanding Art (Colouring)

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