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Just so you know

  1. Awards are given the same day of the festival.

  2. Each dancer will receive a medallion.

  3. Heaven Bound Tropies will be issued to all dancers and/or dance teams that receive an average score of 90+ (Wee Tots, Mini Juniors & Mature Adults) or 95+ (Juniors, Teens & Youth, Young Adults and Adults) from each of the three judges respectively.



Give Praise: 50 – 69

High Praise: 70 – 89

Heaven Bound: 90+




description and


Dance Gives Honour to God  20points

Message can be clearly seen and/or felt.  Dance has the ability to make others want to praise and/or worship Christ.


Garments/Costuming 25points

Garments must be modest and help to carry the message across. Garments should not take away from the intended purpose of giving praise.


Creativity/Originality 25points

Creativity and originality is determined by how well the dance is put together to create something out of the box.


Technique/Level of Difficulty 20points

How well do the dancers execute the movements? Is the proper technique being used according to the dance category/style?


Overall Presentation 10points

Was the overall presentation powerful?



overall individual

Age Divisions:

Juniors 7-12 YRS, Youth 13-19 YRS,

Adult 20+

Individual Champion Award is given to a dancer who is registered in a minimum of three categories: 1 SOLO CATEGORY; 1 DUET/TRIO CATEGORY; 1 GROUP CATEGORY 


Individual will be selected based on having the highest score from the average of all 3 presentations.


champion awards

Age Divisions:

Juniors 7-12 YRS, Youth 13-19 YRS,

Adults 20+

Given to the overall top Solo, Duet/Trio, Group and Line numbers provided they meet the following criteria:

Solo –  Receive a High Praise or Heaven Bound Score


Duet/Trio – Receive a High Praise or Heaven Bound Score

Group and Line – Receive a High Praise or Heaven Bound Score​


special awards

[No cost to enter]

Most Outstanding Praise Garment 


Highest Scoring Group Dance in the Festival

Best Team Spirit

[(sell 20 or more tickets), have a positive attitude toward others and good sportsmanship]​

Youth Leader Dance Off Champ

After top 2 is selected from musical chairs, they dance off to a song selected on day of festival.  The audience selects the winner.


Hebrews 11:6
And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him

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