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Elite Dancers... Elite in Versatility... Elite in Professionalism... Elite in Culture... Elite in Presentation... Elite in Integrity... Elite in Community.   "Elite" The Name Says it All...

Marcia Brown, Marcia Brown Productions

a time to dance...


The Elite Dance & Company opened its doors to dancers within the Greater Toronto Area on October 4th, 2000. Since then, the company have had the opportunity to thrill audiences in Canada, the United States of America and the Caribbean.


The company was created to allow young dancers 2 years and up in the Scarborough Junction area to learn a variety of dance styles.  Although the program catered to youth in marginalized communities the dance training received was always professional.  Each dancer was trained as though they would be the next Martha Graham.


The students grew up.  Many are now students at various Performing Arts high schools and universities in a creative arts capacity.            

Elite Dance and Company's work of training young dancers continues with the Elite Dance Initiative for Youth [EDIFY].  This junior company was created in 2014 to make excellent dance training financially accessible within marginalized communities. To learn more just click. 


The Elite Dance & Company continues its journey as a professional Interpretive Christian dance company whose work is pursued with commitment to excellence, discipline and faithfulness in our service to God and to the public at large.  


We look forward to developing the next generation of professionals who will push boundaries  and continue the legacy of building communities that need performing arts programming.       

Stacy-Ann Vassell

My artistic journey and first introduction to dance came from being in the children’s program at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Kingston Jamaica. As we prepared for my first Christmas pageant, an instructor from St. Theresa Prep gave me a taste of ballet and I was hooked. When I immigrated to Canada in 1987 my mom enrolled me in rhythmic gymnastics and a year later my dad encouraged and brought me to visual arts classes.  The combination of dance, art and my love for fashion were continually being nurtured throughout my life.


Today, my work embodies a vast array of dance styles. My choreography explores the tyranny of social injustice, identity issues, Afro-Caribbean culture past and present, and the role churches and missionaries have played for centuries.  I stand encouraged by God, the dancers and the public who continue to believe in me and support the work I do.

Stacey-Ann Vassell

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